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Health Benefits of Purified Water

With so many health and wellness techniques and practices being advertised in today’s world, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Taking steps to get healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t be a challenge; simplicity is key. Unfortunately, with so much emphasis placed on health regimens that promise big health benefits fast, there is one important fact that we tend to forget: drinking water is one of the best things you can do for your health. That’s why we here at Optimum focus our efforts around one of the most valuable ingredients in any effective health regimen: purified water. Purified water has a slew of health benefits, and these benefits can have significant positive impacts on the body (and even the mind). At Optimum, we know that purified water is a great solution to many of the most common ailments, and we want to pass this insight along to you. Today, we will be discussing the top health benefits of purified water so that you can be on your way to achieving a better, healthier lifestyle. Why is Purified Water Important? While many of us are aware that drinking water is important to good health, we tend to forget that the type of water we consume is as equally important. Drinking plenty of water has its share of benefits, but only purified water can give you the biggest health benefits. This is because water that isn’t free of microbiological pathogens and chemicals could actually mean a larger risk to your overall health. This is what makes water purifying systems so valuable. With only about 2.5% of the available water on Earth being fit for consumption, it is vital that you secure a way to have purified water available to you. Why? Of that estimated 2.5% of consumable drinking water, there are many increasingly common incidences of fresh water contamination. It has never been more important to have access to purified drinking water than it is today. With that, let’s explore the top health benefits of purified drinking water. Improved Scalp and Hair Health It is very common to experience some form of hair damage in life at one time or another. Believe it or not, the type of water that you are consuming regularly can have a significant impact on scalp and hair health. Drinking water that contains large amounts of chlorine, for example, has been found to have negative impacts on the condition of the scalp. Water that is free of chemicals,Continue Reading

4 Methods to Purify Your Water

It’s extremely important to confirm your water has been purified or treated before drinking. If your water is contaminated and you don’t have bottled water, there are various water purification methods that are used today, and each method has its merits and demerits. Filtering is good for basic water tasks such as sediment and chlorine removal, but in the long run reverse osmosis is the best option. At Schultz Soft Water we focus on reverse osmosis units because they require a lot less energy and time required to make water versus distillation. When reverse osmosis is not available, there are 4 water purification methods that you can use to make your water safe for drinking. 1 – Boiling Boiling water is the cheapest and safest method of water purification. Water sources and or channels of distribution may render your water unsafe. For example, parasites and germs are things you may not see by bare eyes, but their effects can be life threatening. In this method, clean water should be brought to boil and left at rolling-boil for 1-3 minutes. For people living in high altitude areas, it is recommended to boil your water for longer than water boiled at lower altitudes. This is because water boils at lower temperatures in higher altitudes. Boiled water should be covered and left to cool before drinking. For water drawn from wells, leave it for compounds to settle before you filter out clean water for use. 2 – Filtration Filtration is one of the effective ways of purifying water and when using the right multimedia filters it’s effective in ridding water of the compounds. This method uses chemical and physical processes to purify water and make it safe for human consumption. Filtration eliminates both large compounds and small, dangerous contaminants that cause diseases with a simple and quick filtration process.. Since filtration does not deplete all the mineral salts, water that has been filtered is considered healthier compared to water purified using other methods. It’s one of the effective water purification methods that utilize chemical absorption process that effectively removes unwanted compounds from water. Compared to reverse osmosis, filtration is considered effective when it comes to selective elimination of much smaller molecular compounds such as chlorine and pesticides. The other factor that makes filtration less costly is that it does not require a lot of energy needed in distillation and reverse osmosis. It isContinue Reading

10 reasons why the purification of water is important for human health.

Purified water is the most important thing for any person in this world, It is used for drinking, cooking and other domestic purposes like bathing, brushing, washing clothes etc. It not just make our life healthy but also important for maintain hygiene around us. The  tap water which is being supplied in our home might seem clean but possess various sorts of health-affecting bacteria and viruses such as fluorine compounds, chlorine, mercury, lead, pesticides and other types of waste particles. Consumption of contaminated water can lead to serious health issues, and sometimes the result can be massively harmful. As per the research contaminated water lead the diseases like- diarrhea, cholera, dysentery, typhoid, and polio, and is estimated to cause 502 000 diarrhea deaths each year.   More About Water… Water is a limited resource on earth which is chemically treated to fight with various types of harmful viruses or bacteria available in it, that makes millions of people ill each year (according to the research) and this is the main reason why water purification is most important. Since our family’s health is in our hands, we must be extra careful with quality of water we are providing to our family. Different types of purified water. Usage of clean water is increasing day to day and there are so many brands are coming up in the market with so many products to meet the consumer demand of clean water. A very common type is bottled drinking water. Following are the the different options? Let’s check! Underground Spring Water Spring water is one of the purest forms of water but actually doesn’t come from the fresh spring. It is basically from different underground resources. However, some research claim that spring water could contains arsenic, phthalates, coliform, and other water contaminants. Distilled Water Distilled water is one of the types of purified water which is processed through various filtration stages and involves of condensation and boiling of water. During this process both contaminates and natural minerals at the same time. Distilled water is a type of purified water that goes through fastidious filtration which involves condensing and boiling. But the overall process kills both contaminants and natural minerals at the same time. So you can have clean water but, with the lack of minerals. Bottled Water Packaged or bottled water is only drinkable when you are sure about its quality and authenticity. In case ofContinue Reading

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